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Dawn Chisholm

My goal of starting If Only is to emotionally connect with audience members on a deeply personal level.  My hope is that after hearing my story, the listeners will make safe, wise choices when faced with options in their workplace and/or personal life.

"I tell this story because if I can save just one life, I've succeeded."

Dawn speaks about the day she lost her first husband, Bill, in a workplace accident.  She gives insight as to why it happened, how it could have been prevented, the importance of her community and circle of support, and her current happy and blessed life she thought she might never have again.

If Only seeks to have employees speak up when they face unsafe situations and for employers to embrace and encourage open dialogue, training and action to put safety measures in place.

Faith is an integral part of Dawn's story and the promise of hope, healing and leaning on your faith through some of the worst tragedies life can throw at you is at the heart of her presentation to faith-based organizations.

Whether it be speaking at a corporate headquarters, on a factory production floor, in a church or with a group of young adults, the audience will walk away feeling empowered, inspired, hopeful and with a renewed faith in themselves of being in control of how their decisions impact others.


"Dawn’s speech had a major impact on our plant. Associates talked about how her speech hit home, made them think about their actions, and spoke to them concerning the impact an injury has beyond the person injured."

~ Andrea Jensen

"Her speech really hit home on the shortcuts we take every day.   Her speech made me stop and think about what my family’s life would be like if I died.  Her speech helped me to be a little more careful."

~ Brian Lund


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